Made in USA

Made In USA

Dear Motor Protection Electronics, Inc. Customers,

This letter is to herald the fact that since 1983, all of M.P. Electronics products are “Made in the USA”. Both Design and Manufacturing are done in our company headquarters in Apopka, Florida, located in beautiful Central Florida. In order to be self sufficient as possible, we believe that Americans should manufacture as much as possible here in the United States of America. We hope and trust you feel this way too.

We give credence to the greatness of the American work force, and that American products are the best in the world. While there may be some components within our products that are not American made, we strive to source as many components as possible from the United States of America.

For working families to make it in America, we need to “Make it in America”. We believe in employing as many of our citizens as we can. For every “Made in America” product we produce, we sustain our employees families and we create jobs for other Americans.

If you feel this way too, partner with us and use M.P. Electronics products. Not only will you be purchasing a world class product you will be instrumental in sustaining the hard working American families that make up M.P. Electronics.

PDF MPE Made in America Letter (PDF – 211KB)